Why GreenDish

Why Choose Us

  • 100% Green and Organic
  • We specialize in bringing 100% high quality Green products to a market-tested and global client base
  • Our products are consistently used by a vast global client base across the world



Just as healthy cooking is essential for our health, the use of truly green cookware is critical for keeping our planet "healthy." The presence of pollutants and toxins in the environment is terrible for the health of the earth and eventually, our own. Human civilization had transcended from a time when it used to solely depend directly on nature for all its needs to a point where it has become independent in many ways in providing for itself. This independence has driven us far from the connection we used to cherish nature and our surroundings. Little did we know this would affect the health of our planet and our own. It is now clear and is gaining more and more awareness by the hour.


At Greendish we are passionate about Clay ware. Create Clay ware of all hues and shapes that are sustainable. Pure Clay Makes Healthy & Non-toxic Cookware

Pure-Clay is 100% Natural

Our raw material pure-clay is a composition of different nutrients and micro-nutrients . When you cook in pure-clay, you're cooking in a classic version of the same earth that grows and nourishes your food. Tested and Certified Lead free ,Cadmium-Free, Heavy Metals-Free and Toxins-Free.

Design and Quality

We are completely customer centric and do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We collaborate closely with customers to develop tailored, flexible product solutions designed to suit specific needs and maximize results with high quality.

Packaging solutions

Our Product knowledge allows us to provide you with a packaging solution which ensures that all products are well protected. Through innovation of processes and materials, GreenDish is able to provide packing solutions that are fit for purpose, and cost effective.

Timely Delivery

You run a business and that has timelines and objectives to be met. We take this seriously and so, having engaged with us, you will never be left wondering when and whether your project will be completed