What is specialty of Green Dish cookware?

GreenDish also known as Clay Pot Cooking. It is the process of cooking food in a pot made from un glazed, pure and natural clay.

What is GreenDish cookware made of?

GreenDish cookware is made up of pure Indian clays which are rich in minerals and are carefully selected and harvested from specific areas. There are no chemicals or additives added

Why should I buy GreenDish

You would love to buy GREEN DISH if you are a nature lover coupled with a health enthusiast. GREEN DISH is made up from pure clay. And clay is the best material for cookware according to our Vedas as well as Ayurveda. GREEN DISH is eco- friendly, fully bio-degradable and renewable resource.

Can I keep the cookware directly on flame ?

Yes. It is designed specifically for your gas stoves and can withstand the heat of the direct flame.

Can I use cookware on Microwave ?

Yes. The use of special clay makes it microwave safe. Even our serving range can also be used in microwave.

Can I straight away start cooking on receiving my purchase ?

You will need to season the cookware. It is of utmost importance and it's Simple! Immerse your earthen pot along with the lid in water for 24 hours. This strengthens the pot and prevents it from cracking. In fact, we recommend you to soak the cookware as well as the lid in water for 10-15 minutes before cooking each meal for better results. Please note that this is not necessary but advisable.

Will cooking in Clay pot leave the stains on ?

Yes, the base of the utensil will turn black on coming in contact with the direct flame which is a natural event. Also, the clay pot being porous in nature will soak the oil content during cooking or present in the food which will leave some stains. This is also natural since we do not use any glaze or chemical layer that prevents this from happening thereby damaging the basic nature of the earthen cookware. There is nothing to worry about and you can continue using the utensil. All you need to ensure is that the clay pot is thoroughly dried post wash.

How do I clean the GreenDish Cookware ?

It is easy to clean! Just use hot water and a gentle non-abrasive cleaning pad. Do not use metallic scouring pads. Do not clean earthenware with a soap or detergent. Never soak earthenware in detergent, as it may absorb detergent and this may lead to this soaked detergent mixing with your food while cooking.

What do I do if my utensils smells of food even after washing with water

To remove any food smell from earthen cookware or to clean the clogged pores, add salt / baking soda in the hot water and clean the cookware.

What should I do if I receive damaged product ?

In the event you receive a damaged (cracked) product, you don't have to ship the damaged product back to us. Send the picture of damaged product to our email address customerservice@gogreendish.com or You only need to click on the "Returns" in the Order History of your account and e-mail us the pictures of the damaged product highlighting the issue. Out team will do the validation of your grievance /concern. And if the concern is found to be valid, we will immediately ship the replacement. It is important that we receive the pictures of the affected part of the product within 24 hours of receiving the delivery by you. Our e-mail id is customerservice@gogreendish.com

What will I do with damaged product?

Don't worry! Your replacement will reach you soon and you don't have to ship the damaged product back to us. send the picture of damaged product to our email address customerservice@gogreendish.com or You only need to click on the "Returns" in the Order History of your account and e-mail us the pictures of the damaged product highlighting the issue. Since, our product is bio-degradable and renewable, it can be used in so many ways. You can plant flowers in it or you can grow some kitchen herbs in it. You can also use it like any other pottery product and paint it as a decorative piece for your shelves. The shallow bowls can be used for lighting up your entrance or drawing room with floating candles. Be Creative with our product and do let us know!

 How to Choose a Lead-free Clay Pot ?

The earthenware made or sold in the India must meet safety guidelines for lead content and is considered safe to use for food.

Make sure to purchase clay cookware from a reliable manufacturer and look for a safety label that states “Safe for food use.” Avoid highly decorated tableware and handcrafted items made by individuals.

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