GreenDish Clay has No Lead, No Cadmium, No Arsenic, see test results below.

Here are the steps we take to ensure the purity of our clay:

Before the clay is harvested research is done to see if any industries or farming has taken place on the land in the last 200 years. Primary clay is not farm-able soil because the clay becomes very rigid because of its elasticity properties and does not allow the plants' root system to grow. It is also verified that there are no industries disposing toxic waste into water, soil or air in a 15 mile radius around the clay dig site.  Next, several samples are taken and sent to the laboratory to be tested for a 2nd level of confirmation to make sure the clay has no contaminants.  These test results are published below. 

Then we harvest the clay. It is harvested from 20-25 feet below the surface.  The cooking pots and pans are formed by hand without the use of ANY additives or chemicals. 

The clay is sourced from a rural artisans here in rural areas of India that deals 100% in certified sustainable clay. They are committed to only ever selling sustainable clay or clay that is from local area.Since we are manufacturing the majority of the clay components here in  India ,it is certified for lead free from environmental society of India will have full control over our environmental practices. We are committed to maintaining environmentally friendly practices in every stage of component manufacturing, from the recycling of scrap material to the careful disposal of any byproducts of the manufacturing process.

Our clay is so pure it's edible.  And yes, they're the same nutrients that nourish and grow your food.  Since it's just the way they're present in nature, and because nothing is added, nothing leaches out.  By the end of the process of making the pots/pans, the ingredients bind together to form a 100% non-reactive, inert cooking pot. A pot that cooks your food with a unique form of far infrared heat distributed evenly.  And by locking steam and preserving all the nutrients and flavor.