About Our Earthen Cooking Pots And Bottles

Green Dish is arevolutionary, Eco-Friendly, Self-cooling, Terracotta cookware. These arehandmade by a unique mixture of clay, which results in natural self-cooling ofwater. The cookware is unglazed, and totally free of any toxic materials orlead and 100% Eco friendly and genuinely rustic. It Will last many years withproper use and care (each piece comes with a product information sheetoutlining the Uses and Care for the product). This cookware is handcrafted byour artisans across India, with natural clay of the region, giving it variousshades of reddish-brown colors and black.

Organic unglazed clayactivates enzymes and minerals in your foods, enabling you to extract extraflavors and nutrients from your recipes while increasing digestibility. Clay isalso alkalizing—everything the ancients prized in healthy cookware, superiortaste, and perfect texture and synergistic properties—clay working togetherwith your foods and spices to create a synergistic partnership to let food beyour medicine—right in your kitchen.

Promotes evenconsistent cooking for perfect texture Integrates flavor molecules foramplified taste so you can reduce sweeteners, salt and oil Naturally alkalizesfoods and preserves essential nutrients Assists with easy digestion andnutrient absorption.

Clay is a naturalinsulator that holds and absorbs heat to cook meals slowly and evenly as heatand moisture circulate through the clay during the cooking process. In contrastto the acidity found in so many foods common to the modern Western diet, theclay that forms the vessel and the airtight lid is naturally alkaline. Thesefactors help seal in essential nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and, mostimportantly, flavors. The result is a process that imparts subtle earthy tonesand distinctive textures that you can’t get from other methods or cookers

 As with otherclay cookware, the flavor of the food cooked in it improves with use. Claycookware was not only used to prepare or hold foods. Their absorbent andpermeable walls stored traces or memories of food residue and bacteria. As aresult, clay jars were automatic yogurt makers and fermentation vats for wineand beer, while jugs were the traditional water coolers and purifiers. Dairyfoods, grains, and water lasted longer and tasted better when stored orprepared in clay pots.

 If you love great tasting food and care not just about thequality of the ingredients, but how they are prepared, then you cannotwithout GreenDish cookware.


Livingwell begins with eating and cooking well, Our MISSION is to provide 100%Healthy ,Sustainable & Green alternative to cooking that has NO metals,toxins & other chemical contaminants.  



Besides, we also lead a very close consortium of around 30Small/Micro Enterprises, indigenous artisans and potters with whom we sharespecific jobs that require pottery/ware to be fashioned by hand exclusively.This initiative ensures support to the local artisans who get the opportunityto work on and benefit from diverse projects, find a platform to market theproducts they make, get better remuneration for their efforts, get access tonew technology and better ways of working, get access to funds in order toeffectively work on new orders and so on. In short, this model also ensurestheir financial well-being. However, we wish to assure that even in cases wherewe do outsource work to individual artisans, we keep a close watch on qualitystandards at all times at all stages during the life cycle in order thatproducts are consistent in their quality

GreenDish Vision for Social Value Creation

“Healthy Cookware for Everyone ". GreenDish contributes value creation to the customer by efficiencies in supply chain Innovation through the realization of a platform and co-creation for sustainable products. It helps to the understanding of a society that coexists harmoniously with the earth, through the efficient and equal distribution of limited resources and measures to preempt the effects of threats to the planet.